The fascinating story of Eddu whisky: From grain to glass

Eddu whiskey is a unique and fascinating spirit that is unlike any other whiskey you have ever tasted.
Distilled in France from locally grown buckwheat, this whiskey is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.
The story of Eddu whiskey is one of passion, craftsmanship and perseverance.

From the fields where the buckwheat is grown to the distillery where the whiskey is made, each step of the process is carefully orchestrated to create a spirit that is both complex and refined.
Join us to discover the secrets of making Eddu whisky, from grain selection to bottling the final product.
We'll explore the unique characteristics that make this whiskey so special and delve into the history of this remarkable spirit.
So sit back, pour yourself a glass of Eddu whiskey and let's discover the history of one of the most fascinating whiskeys in the world.

Ingredients used in Eddu whiskey

The key to the unique taste of Eddu whiskey lies in its main ingredient: buckwheat.
It is a cereal that does not contain gluten and has been cultivated for centuries in Brittany, in western France.

Buckwheat grains are harvested at the end of summer and are then dried in the open air for a few weeks.
The dried grains are then ground into flour, which is mixed with water to create a paste called “wort”.
This paste is then fermented for several days to produce an alcoholic must.

The Eddu whiskey distillation process

The alcoholic mash is then distilled in copper stills to produce Eddu whisky.
The distillation process is crucial to the quality of the final drink.
Eddu whiskey is double distilled, giving it a more complex and rich flavor.
The first distillation produces a drink called a “brouillis”, which is then distilled a second time to produce whisky.
Eddu whiskey is distilled at a relatively low temperature to preserve the subtle aromas of buckwheat.

The maturation process of Eddu whiskey

After distillation, Eddu whiskey is aged in French oak barrels.
The barrels used for Eddu whiskey have previously been used to age wine, giving the whiskey a unique flavor.
Whiskey is aged for at least three years, but some barrels are aged for more than ten years to produce more complex, richer-flavored whiskeys.

The unique flavors of Eddu whiskey

Eddu whiskey has a unique flavor that is difficult to describe.
It is a sweet and fruity whisky, with notes of vanilla and caramel.
The buckwheat flavor gives the whiskey a slightly spicy flavor, with notes of hazelnut and honey.
Eddu whiskey has a silky texture on the palate, with a pleasantly dry finish.

Awards and recognition for Eddu whiskey

Eddu whiskey has won several prestigious awards for its quality and unique taste.
In 2018, Eddu Silver whiskey won a gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
In 2019, Eddu Gold whiskey won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
These awards are testament to the exceptional quality of Eddu whiskey and the passion with which it is made.

Eddu whiskey cocktails and pairing and wine suggestions

Eddu whiskey is delicious enjoyed on its own, but it can also be used to create exceptional cocktails.
The “ Buckwheat Sour ” is a classic cocktail made with Eddu whiskey, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup.
The “ Buckwheat Old Fashioned ” is another popular cocktail that uses Eddu whiskey, sugar, water, Angostura bitters and an orange slice.

Eddu whiskey goes well with many dishes, especially seafood dishes and strong cheeses.
Try enjoying it with fresh oysters or a French cheese platter for a truly exceptional taste experience.
Eddu whiskey also pairs well with some French wines, particularly full-bodied red wines from the Bordeaux region.

Where to buy Eddu whiskey

Eddu whiskey is available in specialized stores in France and in certain foreign countries.
You can also buy it online on the Eddu distillery website.
Eddu whiskey is offered at different prices depending on the age and quality of the whiskey.


Eddu whiskey is a unique and fascinating spirit that deserves to be discovered.
Made from locally grown buckwheat in Brittany, this whiskey is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.
Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully orchestrated to create a complex and refined whiskey, with a unique and delicious flavor.
Try it alone or in a cocktail, with oysters or cheese, and discover why Eddu whiskey is one of the most fascinating and beloved whiskeys in the world.