Discovering Guillon Whiskey: An Artisanal Epic in the Heart of Burgundy

In the rich and diverse world of whiskey, certain distilleries stand out for their commitment to tradition, quality and innovation.
Guillon Whiskey, located in the heart of the beautiful Burgundy region of France, is one such distillery that captivates whiskey lovers around the world. In this article, let's dive into the captivating history of Guillon Whiskey, explore their unique production methods, and discover what makes their whiskeys so special.

A Story of Passion and Excellence:

Founded by Thierry Guillon, a whiskey and craft enthusiast, Guillon Whiskey was born from the vision of creating exceptional whiskeys that reflect the terroir and know-how of Burgundy.
Since its humble beginnings more than two decades ago, the distillery has combined tradition and innovation to produce award-winning whiskeys that appeal to connoisseurs around the world.

A Meticulous Production Process:

What sets Guillon Whiskey apart is its commitment to a meticulous production process that emphasizes quality at every step.
From the careful selection of raw materials to the slow distillation in traditional copper stills, each Guillon whiskey is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail.

Innovation in the Service of Tradition:

Although deeply rooted in tradition, Guillon Whiskey is not afraid to innovate to create unique and innovative whiskeys.
The distillery offers a diverse range of whiskeys aged in a wide variety of barrels, from French oak barrels to Burgundy wine barrels, offering an incomparable palette of flavors and aromas.

Guillon Whiskeys: An Unforgettable Sensory Journey:

Whether you opt for a single malt aged in French oak barrels, for rich and spicy notes, or a whiskey matured in Burgundy wine barrels, for subtle and fruity aromas, each sip of Guillon Whiskey is an unforgettable sensory experience which transports you to the heart of Burgundy.


Guillon Whiskey embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and excellence, offering whiskey lovers an incomparable taste experience and an invitation to discover the hidden treasures of Burgundy.
Whether you are a seasoned whiskey lover looking for new discoveries or a curious novice eager to explore new horizons, Guillon's whiskeys promise a captivating and memorable sensory journey.
So, let yourself be seduced by the history, passion and exceptional quality of Guillon Whiskey, and embark on an unforgettable taste adventure. Health !